Agence d'Architecture MPA

Stephen A. Russ:
Born July 13, 1964 .............. Died January 15, 2005
Since 1992, I have been on a journey, a challenge which brought me to settling in Martinique and consolidating my presence through, values and optimism for the future of Martinique and the region in general.Since those early days and even before in Miami, I have had the good fortune and honour to share stages of that journey with an exceptional human being, Stephen Russ.Steve’s conviction, sacrifice, patience and humility, coupled with more specific aptitudes in the art of Architecture, had impact on our lives and our work in terms of conception and production on several major projects, but more importantly in the shared faith that our ‘route’ is the ‘right’ one even if not the easiest.His energy, intelligence and integrity have been a source of inspiration and strength to us all, his ability to give of himself with such sincerity and compassion, a lesson to us all.His values, humanity, friendship have been for me personally, a solid rock of continuity in an often otherwise murky sea of uncertainty. The journey continues, the course remains the same, the memory of Steve and the strength of his spirit will be a cherished comfort and guide for us on the way.